Why Ask

Who exactly is Allison Stuart Kaplan? That would be ME, and I am certainly in your face on topics I care about.

I created Askinyourface.com in 2008 because I was tired of listening to women talk about how they wanted to create change in their lives — to BETTER themselves — and then abandon their goals and desires. My intention with this website is to inspire, empower and motivate the women who read these articles — and in the process, create a community of invigorated, excited women across a global network.

My goals for this newly revised version of Askinyourface.com are:

- to expand the network I have helped to create amongst my clients, students, and friends

- to further promote a forum where ALL women have the opportunity to be informed and be inspired about their total health

- and to ultimately empower more women, more fully!

Every woman has a story, myself included. I had difficult times in my childhood: I struggled with an eating disorder, I dealt with a crippling and painful autoimmune disease, I survived my fathers’ suicide and my first husband’s indiscretions almost simultaneously, and I cared for my two young children.

But, in spite of all this trauma, my life is beautiful. I am fortunate.

For more than 25 years, I have worked in the health and fitness industry in metro Detroit. I guess you could call me a “personal trainer/group fitness instructor and yoga teacher.” While I am definitely both, I have evolved into my own unique brand of a life coach. I love my work. I love my clients. I love my students. I love the opportunities I create daily to inspire and empower and help women.  I am honored to work with so many different amazing women. I am passionate about helping women be strong and stay strong. I believe that when women strengthen their bodies, they automatically strengthen their mind and spirit. They can stand tall — literally! – and look straight ahead to their future, a healthier future in every way.

There is strength in numbers, and at Askinyourface.com, we are asking questions and providing answers. (Check out the Bitch Alley blog, where you can ask us anything…)

We are all in this together. Individuals, collectives, friends and confidants, community and flying solo — and I’m Allison Stuart Kaplan, founder of Askinyourface.com, on my own never-ending journey to enlightenment, to strength, to power.

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