Just In Time


Every Sunday evening I ask myself, what will the theme for my classes be this week? What knowledge or wisdom will I offer my students to help bring love, light, and joy to their day, and into their hearts. Will I even have a theme, or fly by the seat of my pants? I’m quite […]

A 10 Year Old’s Yoga Party-For Life!


I haven’t done the “kid thing” in years. Yet, I love kids and look forward to a gaggle of grandchildren running around me. Hopefully sooner than later! When a girlfriend called to ask if I would be interested (willing is more like it) in teaching a yoga class to a group of 10-year-old girls for […]

9 Rules Every Yoga Teacher Should Follow ~ Rob Pollak


Nine simple things that every yoga teacher can do to make class a little bit more awesome. Rule 1: Pay Attention to me! Most yoga teachers really like yoga and also happen to be very good at it. These traits, however, do not mean that I’m taking your class to watch you be awesome. If […]

Mixing Yoga Styles


I live in a community where it is only possible for me to take the same type of yoga class once a week. Should I continue to participate in various types of yoga classes or restrict myself to one type of yoga once a week? John Friend’s reply: There are pros and cons to taking […]