Last Years New Years; Message Moving Into Stillness – The Peace Within


This is not my New Years message for 2012 (still a work in progress), but rather a reiteration of my message from 2011. Sort of like reading a favorite book over and over again because it makes sense and always feels good to do so. Perhaps rereading reminds us of what we deeply desire, provides […]

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 16 – 15-Minute Morning Sequence


Today’s yoga challenge for our 21 Day Yoga Challenge is a quick 15 minute morning sequence designed to wake you up and ready you for the day! So when you get up, grab that yoga mat by your bed and find your center. This video helps you to link your breath to your movements – […]

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7 20-Minute Evening Sequence


Congratulations! After today, if you’ve kept up with our 21 Day Yoga Challenge, you’ve been doing yoga for a week straight. Doesn’t it feel good? Today’s practice is 20 minutes and designed to relax you this Monday evening. Get home from work, ask someone in your family to watch the kids, turn off the TV, […]