Kundalini Rising: Up, Up and Away!


Just recently on a Wednesday night I went in to teach my 5:45pm Kundalini class. Later that night and the next morning, I received two incredible emails from some students who had amazing experiences. Kundalini is the yoga of awakening. The yoga of miracles, some say. I’ve been immersed in hatha yoga for more than […]

A 10 Year Old’s Yoga Party-For Life!


I haven’t done the “kid thing” in years. Yet, I love kids and look forward to a gaggle of grandchildren running around me. Hopefully sooner than later! When a girlfriend called to ask if I would be interested (willing is more like it) in teaching a yoga class to a group of 10-year-old girls for […]

9 Rules Every Yoga Teacher Should Follow ~ Rob Pollak


Nine simple things that every yoga teacher can do to make class a little bit more awesome. Rule 1: Pay Attention to me! Most yoga teachers really like yoga and also happen to be very good at it. These traits, however, do not mean that I’m taking your class to watch you be awesome. If […]

Learn Yoga Terms!


You may have taken a yoga class and when the teacher starts using “yoga words” (aka sanskrit terms), you have no idea what they are talking about! So here is a little cheat sheet for you so when your yoga teacher says “on to a adho-mukha svanasana” you go right into downward facing dog instead […]

Yoga for Your Dosha


I am doing my umpteenth Chaturanga Dandasana at the Dancing Shiva Studio in Los Angeles and I am sweating–a lot. The room has beautiful, dark beechwood floors, the natural light is seductive, and soothing chants play in the background. However, I don’t like any of it. The aggravation of saltwater running down my face is […]

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 8 45-Minute Fun Flow


Today we are bringing you day 8 of your 21 Day Yoga Challenge from Yoga Journal. How are you feeling? Chances are you are feeling more relaxed, stronger, and maybe even crave your next yoga session. We hope so! Today’s practice is 45 minutes and designed to be a fun and flowing practice. Enjoy your […]

Make Plans For The Weekend Of September 9-11


16th Annual Birmingham Bloomfield Cultural Arts Awards Where: Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, 1516 S Cranbrook Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009 Date: September 9, 2011 Time: 6:00pm—8:00pm The Cultural Arts award will be presented to Maury Okun for his being a “visionary in the arts” and his ability to bring organizations together to share tight resources. Adelman […]

Do Yoga And Help Raise Money For The Leukemia Lymphoma Society This Sunday, Sept. 11


Dear friends and family, Please join me and Dan for our last attempt to hit our goal of $6300 raised for Leukemia Lymphoma Society at a fun, anyone-can-do-it yoga class on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011, at 1 pm at Yoga Shelter. Our generous friend and colleague Nicole Yoder is donating her teaching time so that every bit of your […]

Finding Healing On A Mat


I am a HAVEN Volunteer.  Each week survivors join me in one of HAVEN’s group rooms to unroll yoga mats, take a comfortable, easy seat and begin an hour of yoga.  The path from victim to survivor is not an easy one.  I know.  I am a survivor of childhood violence.  I have found it […]

Treat Your Dad To Yoga On Father’s Day


As a father of seven and grandfather of 14, I have experienced many changes in my life. Even the most trying challenges are wonderful. I am grateful to be surrounded with amazing people in the Bala Vinyasa Yoga community. While I still love my work, yoga has become a priority in my life. My yoga […]