No Regrets


“Don’t let the past steal your present.” – Teri Guillemets It is that time again. New Year’s Eve. Celebrations. Toasts. Midnight Kisses. Tinsel. And….New Year’s Resolutions! Many of us look back at the old year with regrets. We berate ourselves for the people we didn’t reach out to, the trips we didn’t take, the habits […]

Discover Your Style: Mini Workshop For Girls


Who should come? High-school girls, ages 14-18, who want to meet and connect with other teen girls in the community and talk about all matters of life, love, and happiness. What will we do? We will watch videos, listen to music, and create art about ourselves, our friends and families, our dreams, and the world. […]

Unmask Your Inner Self With An Art Therapy Program On Friday, March 25, 2011


Our outer world persona reveals little of the treasures that lie within us all. The ancient art of mask making promises to start you on a quest of self discovery. Join us in this journey to unmask your true identity and reveal aspects of yourself that lay hidden to the outer world. By participating in this […]

Attend An Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop!


What: Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop This exciting technique, based on a combination of modern psychology and ancient Chinese medicine can be used to promote physical healing, release negative emotions, rid yourself of limiting beliefs, eliminate cravings, overcome phobias and fears, and for many other desired changes. In this workshop, you will experience the power of […]