If I were President of the United States……West Wing Fantasy World


I’m exhausted by this election and I’m sure that you are as well. I rarely wish for time to fly but I know that I, and thousands of others, can’t wait for November 6 to come and go. At the same time, I still cling to the fact that I live in a country where […]

Independence Day And What It Means For Different People


Independence Day — BBQ’s, vacations, beach, fireworks, sleeping in, friends and family. That is what July 4th conjures up for most of us. But of course, Independence Day means much more than that, it is the day that many Americans pay homage to our country’s founders and our start as a free and independent nation. […]

Nice Girl Syndrome: Do You Have It?


Women are still undervalued — at home and at work. Even though women now fill 49% of all professional and managerial-level jobs, women CEOs lead in only 15 of the FORTUNE 500 companies, or 3 percent. The reasons are complicated but among them is the reality that traditional family structures, social norms, and established business […]

Why I Work For HAVEN As A First Response/Court Advocate


At least once a week, somebody asks me why I work in the violence against women movement, what brought me into this line of work. The answers to this question are various and complex, and my particular answer will change from day-to-day, depending on whether work this week has felt frustrating, rewarding, both, or something […]

Women Are Not “Guys” and Men Are Not the “Norm”


We’ve had three stunning examples in less than a week of the cultural headwinds that women are still up against, ranging from the need to “spin” Hillary’s body language, photo-shopping her out of of history and crediting only “the guys” for the complex, clandestine operation that closed the Osama Bin Laden chapter. First came the riveting photo from the White House Situation […]

Understand Your Role In Preventing Domestic Violence


Here are some things you can do, on both personal and community levels, to help prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. On a Personal Level: Believe survivors. Don’t blame victims. Educate yourself on violence against women by learning the facts and the prevalence. For example, did you know most sex offenders aren’t strangers? Eighty-six percent […]

Child & Adolescent Sex Trafficking Is Not A Third World Problem – It’s A Michigan Problem!


Each month 117-159 girls are being sexually exploited across the state of Michigan! Girls are being sold for sex, right here, right now. If that didn’t grab your attention and cause your blood pressure to rise, I’m not sure what will. What a shame that our nation now has to have a National Slavery and […]

Private Practice Tackles Violent Rape Storyline


If you watched last week’s episode of ABC’s hit show Private Practice then I’m sure that like me you were on the edge of your seat, mouth agape in shock during the final few moments of the episode. As Charlotte King, Chief of Staff at St. Ambrose’s Hospital and the doctor whose specialty is sexology, […]

Independence Day – Women’s Day!


America: the land of the free, the brave and the independent…women that is. Each Fourth of July the nation celebrates being a free thinking and acting country full of a diverse range of opinions and never ending political debate. But what we should also be celebrating? The independence of women! The state of women’s rights […]