Bones For Life


(This article was originally published in May, 2010.) I consider myself very lucky. A few days ago while running with Louie, my adorable little Boston Terrier, I took a nasty and what could have been a devastating fall on the pavement. Somehow, Louie got tangled between my feet and with tremendous momentum I was suddenly […]

Reawaken Your Spirit in May – Be Fit For Your Future!


Reawaken your spirit & embrace the beautiful month of May with us! If you missed our 30 day “Celebrate Your Strength Journey” in April — no worries! We have compiled a 30 day recap that you can easily follow this month or next. Be Happy and Be Fit For Your Future with our daily inspirations […]

No More Arm Flab For You – My Dear! Strengthen And Tone Your Triceps


Question: I’m not happy with the shape of my arms! They have become flabby and jiggly in the past few years — YUCK! Can I have my arm flab surgically removed? What else can I do to get these arms in shape before summer? Answer: I hear you loud and clear; along with hundreds of […]