7 Tips to Not Hate Yourself in the Dressing Room


“If I had your legs, I would wear this dress!” “I don’t know about this…” “I’m not even going to show you.” “I WILL be borrowing that from you!” “Are you in here?” I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that these are actual things I overheard the other day while in a dressing room. The […]

7 Ways To Look Better In The Dressing Room


Remember the shape changing mirrors you laughed at as a kid during a carnival? You would think retailers would create something similar, only to make everyone look their absolute hottest. After all, the point of trying something on is to confirm if you look good in it, then buy it. Since that doesn’t exist, we […]

Fashion Tip: To Tuck Or Not To Tuck!

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Some people love tucking in their shirts, others don’t. The fact is that it only works in certain situations. Here’s why: If you have a long torso, then tucking in your shirt works. To create balance, the goal is to visually shorten your upper half. Also, those who are long waisted usually have shorter legs. […]