Snacking 101: Sustaining Energy And Health


For those who have ever been on a diet, the idea of snacking may seem taboo, right up there with equally punishable behaviours like eating deep fried foods, white flour, and decadent desserts. But contrary to conventional thinking, research has shown that snacking is not only a healthy habit to adopt, but also a necessary […]

What’s For Fitness? Our Final Week! Tip# 25 – Moving In A NEW Direction!


Today begins our final week of “What’s For Fitness.”  Six more days of tips offered to inspire and empower you to live your happiest and healthiest life possible! How are we doing so far? More importantly, how are you doing? My tip for you today is all about “moving” in a new direction!  Not sure […]



I have a confession to make! I am generally a very healthy eater. I’m usually mindful of what I put in my body and how it makes me feel. I enjoy knowing that I’m fueling my body and mind in a way that will enhance my health, energy, and well being. So how exactly did […]

“Support The Haven Garden Project”! Meet At the Market Square WB Sunday May 16th At 9:30am Kick Off 10,000 Steps Together!


Start walking with Sunday May 16th! We will meet at The Market Square in West Bloomfield (corner of Inkster and Maple). Bring your pedometer! You don’t have to walk 10,000 steps the first day, week or month – just start walking and watch the numbers on your pedometer increase each week!  See you soon. […]