The Truth About Stretching


Does it help or hurt? Should you do it before or after a workout? Experts sort through the many mixed messages.The benefits of a regular exercise routine are undisputed. But how to start that routine — literally what to do first — is far less clear. Should you stretch before you exercise? From Zumba instructors […]

15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore


Women tend to be more vigilant than men about getting recommended health checkups and cancer screenings, according to studies and experts. They’re generally more willing, as well, to get potentially worrisome symptoms checked out, says Mary Daly, MD, oncologist and head of the department of clinical genetics at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. But […]

You CAN Do It! Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever!


Perhaps you’ve been smoking for as long as you can remember and have tried everything under the sun to quit. Take a vow TODAY to get rid of your cigarettes and nagging habit once and for all. Web MD has compiled a list of 13 of the best tips on quitting smoking for good. If […]