Sweet Victories For Animals! HSUS Heart Warming Animal Rescue Video Stories From 2011


Wayne Pacelle and The Humane Society of the Untied States have put together a beautiful retrospective video from 2011 – A year of heart warming animal rescue stories! .. You made a difference for animals. You were a hero for the dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, wildlife, and so many more who desperately needed help. That’s […]

Be a Hero for Animals


A dog named Honey found her hero this past summer. Honey was one of twenty dogs our Animal Rescue Team saved from dogfighting in Indiana this past July. She was weak and injured after spending most of her life either staked in a yard or fighting for her life in a bloody pit. She had […]

Spread The Word About Animal Protection


So many people express support for animal protection, but they are not involved in our cause. If we are to succeed in improving the lives of animals, we must be sure to raise awareness and get others involved. We must put thought into action. And one of the best ways for people to help is […]

Stop Captive Hunts!


Dear ASK In Your Face Readers, Your legislators are considering a bill to support the inhumane and unsporting canned hunting industry — private trophy hunting facilities where customers pay to kill animals trapped within enclosures. Senate Bill 27 would take authority over these facilities from the Department of Natural Resources and put them under the […]

HSUS President Discusses His New Book, The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them.


In January 1993, Wayne Pacelle traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska, for a state-sponsored “summit” to decide the fate of wolves. Alaskan officials wanted to send sharpshooters aloft in helicopters to slaughter hundreds of these animals. Wolves, you see, were bringing down caribou that human hunters believed were rightly theirs to take. I attended as a journalist […]