Hydrated And Happy


“We’ll never know the worth of water till the well go dry.” Hydration, hydration, hydration.  Definition of HYDRATION  1: the act or process of combining or treating with water as the introduction of additional fluid into the body 2: the quality or state of being hydrated; especially: the condition of having adequate fluid in the body tissues […]

New Series: The Dr. Oz Alphabet U-Z


We have come to the last of the alphabet in Dr. Oz’s Alphabet of Health! We hope this has helped you in some way or you’ve learned a new health secret! Tell us what you think. U: Ugli Fruit Ugli fruit is a hybrid citrus fruit from Jamaica, combining the healthy antioxidant benefits of grapefruit, […]

Spicing Up Your Summer With Watermelon Drinks


I’d be willing to bet that most people would say that summer = watermelon and watermelon = summer. You can’t have one without the other. Just ask my watermelon-loving friend. Her superpower is eating an entire watermelon in one sitting … although then she groans about having “watermelon belly.” Good thing watermelons aren’t in season […]

10 Healthy Food Choices For Around $1.00!


Here are 10 great, nutrient-packed food choices that you can still find for around $1 per serving: 1. Two Cage Free Organic Eggs: $0.84 Eggs can be one of the most healthful foods in the world. But, not all eggs are equal. There is more and more evidence of a huge nutritional difference between true […]

Another Delicious Low-Cal Summertime Smoothie!


This delicious Watermelon Smoothie is always a crowd pleaser, low in calories, and one of my favorite summer drinks! 2 cups frozen watermelon chunks 1 6-8 oz. container vanilla yogurt* Cut watermelon into chunks and freeze in ziplock bags. When ready to prepare drink, thaw watermelon 30 minutes ahead of time or heat for 1 […]

Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie


In the tradition of memorable beverages like the Harvey Wallbanger and the Arnold Palmer, I’m going to name my most recent smoothie/cocktail creation after my friend Jill. Why? Because she’s nuts about watermelons – she’s capable of consuming an entire melon in one sitting. (I wish I could do the same with my beloved pineapples, […]