A Healthy And Happy Future Awaits You!


You Ask: Dear Allison: I have struggled with my weight all of my life. In the past I have done better with power walking better than dieting or anything else. I kept off 80 pounds for about 5 years. That was age 25-30. I am now 41. I had been hovering around 240 lbs. for […]

Take the Plunge!: Part 2, Kick Up the Resistance


In the Pool! Kick up the resistance! Hopefully, you spent the past week perfecting power walking and lunging in the pool! Now, you are ready to take your water workout to the next level! Let’s try some interval training! Alternate your power walking with power running! Mix in some mountain climber intervals, high kicks and […]

Take the Plunge!: Water Workout


The benefits of exercising in the water are truly amazing! A water workout will not leave you feeling sore and stiff. Instead, it helps to relieve pain and stiffness. Water exercise helps maintain joint flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and increases stamina and endurance. For the purpose of this water workout, swimming skills are not […]

Take the Plunge!: Water Workout Part 1


Wonderful Water Workout That’s Worth Getting Wet For! One of the greatest gifts my father gave me was putting me in the lake where I grew up at 6 months old…..by 18 months old I was swimming on my own. By 4 years old I had become a proud member of the Polar Bear Club, […]