Celebrate Your Strength With A Powerful Walk This Weekend: Boot Camp Style Walking Workout


“Keep up and you will be kept up” – Yogi Bhajan By no surprise, this invigorating and rigorous style of walking just happens to be my favorite! I love this Boot Camp walking workout so much that I have designed a mini version of a military fitness style walk — Just for you! Honestly, this […]

Walkers: This Sunday July 25th 10,000 Steps Together Again!! 2,500 Bonus Steps If You Are Feeling Ambitious!


9:30 am. Park and Meet at the school parking lot just west of the Market Square Store on the corner of Walnut Lake Road and Inkster Road in West Bloomfield!  Walking will begin promptly at 9:30!  It’s going to be a beautiful morning- no rain, no humidity! See you then!   Allison