I Can Get What From My Pet?!?


Most people know that wild animals can give rabies to people, but what they may not realize is that pets like cats, dogs and birds can pass diseases to people. That may sound scary, but prevention isn’t all that hard. Here’s what to know about keeping pets and people safe from each other. First, don’t […]

Pet Obesity: The Spreading Epidemic


Is Your Cat Over-Fat? Everyone knows that obesity is an alarming and growing problem for people living in the United States. But did you know that the epidemic is also spreading among our animal companions? The Huffington Post reports findings by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention indicating that one-fifth of dogs and cats in […]

Does Your Dog Eat Poop? Expert Explores Unexplained Animal Behavior


Why do animals yawn? Why do cats eat grass? Why do they purr? And why on Earth does my pet eat poop? Benjamin Hart, DVM, PhD, DACVB, and distinguished professor emeritus at the University of California — Davis, addressed some of the more inexplicable behaviors of companion animals in his talk at the American Veterinary […]

Veterinarian Says Natural Foods Not Always Best For Pets


While natural food is a rising trend among humans, pet owners should be careful before feeding similar types of food to their pets, according to a Kansas State University veterinarian. All too often pet owners assume that because certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are healthy for them, they are also healthy for their […]

Your Aging Pet-5 Health Concerns To Watch For


Did you know that cats are considered to be senior at 11 years of age and dogs become senior at 7 to 10 years of age? Dogs and cats age five to seven times faster than people do, so health-related changes can occur quickly. Because pets can be very good at hiding signs of illness, […]

Do You Know What Your Pet Is Eating?


If you’ve ever eaten something that doesn’t agree with you then you know it takes only a bit of time for you to realize that you should not have put that in your mouth! Sometimes it’s hard enough for us to have the discretion we need when trying to avoid an adverse effect such as […]