Part-Time Vegan


I’ve been writing about veganism in both books and blogs for over a decade, and the experience has certainly proven to me what most readers probably also know by now: If you want to stay sane, don’t read the comments. This has been especially true for me because I’m a fan of “leaning in” to […]

The Yoga of Food


At dinner last week in a back yard in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), a man across the table whom I’d just met, who’d just been informed of my dietary choices (raw) and why I was not eating the grilled fish (I prefer not to eat animals), said: “What does it really mean that something is raw?” […]

Whole Grain Goodness


Ah, to hear those words uttered together…whole grain plus goodness! It wasn’t long ago, you probably recall, that CARBOHYDRATES became the latest “four letter word” of the nutritional world. As often happens with extreme dietary trends like the zero carb frenzy of a few years back, we weren’t really getting the whole story. It turns […]