May: Maya, Goddess of Spring – Happy Mothers Day Fun Facts!


In Sanskrit, “Maya” means illusion. Something appears to be one way, but is really another. Vedanta, the ancient science and philosophy from whence yoga, meditation and Ayurveda spring, suggests that you imagine a dark night in which you think you see a snake, only to find that it was a rope; that is Maya. While […]

Indian Wisdom, Vedic Teaching Fuse In ‘Avatar’


This is, indeed, a story about the James Cameron film “Avatar”–because this interview with author Jeffrey Armstrong makes an important and inspirational connection with the ancient Indian wisdom, the Vedic teachings, that form the basis for the film’s powerful mythology. Journalist and author Lynne Meredith Schreiber occasionally writes about Vedanta (the ongoing path of spiritual […]

Intellect Soul-Searching


I used to worry about everything. Anxiety gripped me like a fist late in the night, when I wouldn’t sleep, would toss and turn with pinballing thoughts and fears. None were based in any sort of reality. I worried about money but had always had enough. I yearned for success and I’ve had quite a lot. […]


dc man prepares marigolds for a Hindu festival in Bangladesh

PREPARING FOR A FESTIVAL: A man in Bangladesh volunteers at a temple preparing long garlands of marigolds for a festival. I don’t believe in coincidences. When a series of connected ideas strings along, I look for meaning and direction. I believe in cause and effect, in one step leads to the next, in the door […]

Finding the Intellect, Mastering the Self: An Evening with Gautam Jain at the Yoga Shelter


Yoga Shelter owner Eric Paskel stood at the podium and spoke before a packed studio in Grosse Pointe, Michigan: Remove opinions. Receive information. And if you like it, there are many, many ways to learn more. He was introducing the second of three nights of lectures by Gautam Jain, director of the Vedanta Cultural Foundation in New […]