(Goose) Berries & (Little) Trees


Although you can’t beat juicy-fresh fruit, dried fruit has its own set of charms: it’s non-messy, it’s very portable, and since it has such low water content, not only is it a better source of fiber than its fresh counterpart, dried fruit also has a more concentrated flavor.  Berries in particular have a refreshing sweet/tart […]

Mindful Moments: Lessons In Equanimity


Trees are beautiful in their peace; they are wise in their silence. They will stand after we are dust. They teach us, and we tend them. -Altiem MacDunelmor I love the word equanimity. Just saying the word fills me with a sense of relaxation in my body and soul. My life has had its stresses […]

Bee Gardens: Flowers, Fruits and Herbs for a Bee-Friendly Habitat


You may want to give your bees a helping hand when it comes to collecting pollen and nectar by planting bee-friendly flowers and shrubs in your garden or outside space. Even in a larger garden, you’ll unlikely have enough flowers to produce sufficient nectar to sustain a hive, so your bees will probably go farther […]