Asana Addict – Tree Pose (Vrksasana)


At first I was going to share with you that the sensation of my standing ankle burning after a looong balance sequence could quite possibly be my least favorite physical sensation in asana practice. Then my brain offered up, “What about abs though?! Whew!” True. Another thought chirped in its two cents, “And how about […]

Finally Hooked On Yoga!


It has been a while since I last talked about my new yoga journey. One of my resolutions or goals for 2012 was to stick to my yoga practice and continue to get better and better. Lately, I’ve been going to a new studio in my town since I bought a Groupon for $25 for […]

Vrkasana (Tree Pose) For Balance And Concentration in 2011


Yoga is considered one of the best forms of exercise to strengthen the body and quiet the mind. In today’s challenging world, who couldn’t benefit from a little more power and peace within?  Yoga strengthens the mind and the body by syncing breath and movement through various postures – known as asanas.  Everyone can enjoy […]