The Skinny On Triceps


Working the triceps is a key component for any well-rounded exercise routine. Over the years I have accumulated hours upon hours of weight training specifically for my triceps. Between push ups, rope pushdowns, lying barbell triceps extensions, and more, I was wasting a lot of time when I should have been concentrating on the three […]

A Few Fast & Fabulous Fitness Moves!


Tighter Buns & Thighs, A Strong Core, &  Beautiful Toned Arms Are In Your Future What’s new with personal fitness workouts these days? Boot camp style training is all the rage and with good reason! Tough economic times, have inspired many personal trainers to move away from the typical one-on-one personal training format in favor […]

Shifting Shapes With The Help Of A Shoe


Whether geared toward a specific sport or a certain type of exerciser, gym shoes have always been designed to enhance your workout.  Now, innovations in footwear have led to the creation of another exercise-improving shoe: A sneaker aimed at toning your leg and butt muscles while you work out. These shape-shifting shoes are formulated to […]