A Message of Thanks From HAVEN


Dear ASK Readers, This holiday season, we are grateful that our mission holds a special place in your heart. Through your generosity and commitment, HAVEN was able to serve 29,203 women, children and men last year. We were able to provide resources and reassurance to over 6,000 callers to our toll-free, 24-hour crisis and support […]

A Living Web of Gratitude


What do you feel when someone thanks you for something? For a comment in a meeting, a task done at home, an extra step taken, an encouraging word. You probably feel seen, appreciated, that you matter to the other person. Maybe a little startled, maybe wondering if you really deserve it, but also glad. Personally, […]

Let Us Teach You A New Language!


We’ve brought you a list of benefits that come from learning a second language, but perhaps you just don’t feel like putting yourself out there and gathering the tools you need to learn. No fear, we are bringing some terms for you to start with right to you! We got a great idea from a […]