The Gluten Free Diet Trend & Eating Disorders


Gluten-free is a new dietary trend that has emerged over the past several years. In individuals who struggle with eating disorders, the concern is whether they may actually have celiac disease or these individuals are self diagnosing as a way to restrict intake of food. Celiac disease is defined by the National Institutes of Health […]

Hope: The #1 Reason to Give


All her life, Vanessa has had issues with her knees. But, it never stopped her from being active, until one day her left knee swelled up like a balloon and Vanessa could barely walk. The swelling dissipated within a week and with no other symptoms, she didn’t worry that it was something more serious like […]

CANCER: In Your Face – My Birthday Gift!

Birthday gift

Feb. 11, 2011 Yesterday, Feb. 10 2010, exactly one week before my 52nd birthday, I was told by Dr. M. Cotant, a surprisingly kind, caring and very young doctor that I have a definitive CLL diagnosis – CANCER. Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia. Blood tests tell it all these days….We’ll see. Eyeing the word “cancer’’ on my […]