Exploring Tapas


How Passion, Will and Right Effort Create a Happy Life “Living life with zeal and sincerity, the purifying flame is ignited (Tapas), revealing the inner light.” Sutra 2.43 * Zeal is not a commonly used word. It is one of those tiple point words that you get excited to remember when you have a ‘z’ […]

Last-Minute Lunches


It’s Monday, it’s lunchtime, and you’re lunch-less and hungry. Odds are, you’re stuck going to the nearest faux-healthy restaurant. (Ever looked at the ingredients in a Panera sandwich? If you print out what’s in the Turkey Artichoke Panini, it’ll take up almost a full 8 1/2″ x 11″ page. But hey, I guess that’s better […]

Unleashing Your Inner (and Thrifty) Gourmet


Why taste one thing when you can taste three?  Or four or five?  Not only are nibbles – or “small plates,” if you want to get fancy about it – usually something quick and simple, if you have enough nibbles on a plate, you have a meal!  So the next time you’re in the mood […]