Sweat Heals! How to Become Happy, Fit & Self-Confident in One Step


Nope, it’s not a pill or the latest “miracle” cure from Dr. Oz—it’s good old fashioned exercise. “Sweat heals.” I wrote that on my Facebook wall the other day after blurting it out of my mouth following a much needed walk with my identical twin and my daughter. Sure, some readers’ eyes had fooled them […]

Caution: Hot Weather Workouts


Well, it’s about time the sunshine and warmer temperatures made it to Michigan. Like me, most fitness minded mid-westerners have been waiting months for outdoor exercise; bootcamp, swimming, biking, hiking, walking or running club – basically anything that happens outside to workout and energize our body and mind.  To avoid being side-lined during your outdoor […]

Should You Be Using Organic Deodorant?


We all use deodorant (or at least, we should be). But are the ingredients in your favorite, tried and true deodorant hurting you? What is organic deodorant anyway and how is it any different than Secret or Dove brand? There are a few differences in organic versus regular deodorant. Organic deodorant sold at local organic […]

Men Perspire, Women Glow: Men Are More Efficient at Sweating, Study Finds! (Doesn’t it just figure?)


I don’t know about anybody else , but I can’t embrace yoga while practicing next to a guy who profusely sweats, sprays and drips all over me with every arm reach, leg extension and spinal twist. I know it’s not deliberate or even his fault…. It’s just disgusting! Rarely do I see a woman in […]

Summertime Workouts – Beatin`The Heat!


The heat is on — for you to get in shape this summer! Looking good and more importantly “feeling good”, in a bikini while you laze by the pool doesn’t come easy. No, it takes some serious sweating. But exercising when it’s hot out can be daunting and sometimes, downright dangerous. We’ve all been there […]