Uncanned and Unbelievably Delicious


Few culinary traditions labor under as great a misconception as sushi does. Yes, most sushi is served with raw ingredients. Sushi, however, does not mean raw fish. (Although I think sushi made with raw fish is utterly lovely.) Sushi simply refers to a mode of preparation, namely to serve raw or cooked seafood or veggies […]

A Toast to Coconut


Often, all you have to do to change the flavor of an entire dish is toy with a single ingredient.  Take an ingredient you’d normally serve raw, for example, and cook it.  (Grilled peaches!)  Or serve a normally-cooked ingredient raw.  (The brilliance of sushi!)  Ingredients aren’t always flippable in terms of cooked vs. raw, of […]

“Dancing Shrimp” This is Despicable!


Now, I’ve heard it all! Did you know that in this country, yes, the United States, people are eating LIVE shrimp? Something that is huge in Thailand and Japan just doesn’t seem right to many of us here in the U.S. People squeeze lemon juice onto the shrimps’ exposed flesh, which makes them writhe in […]