Looking Ahead With Lauren: Are You Judged For Your Perceived “Lack of Success”?


What is success? Most people would equate someone successful with someone who has a lot of money, fame or a job that people deem high-powered. As a young adult, graduating from college a few years ago, I often feel the pressure to “be successful“. I have had many people try to get my jobs in […]

10 Lessons Learned in Recovery


My eating disorder took a lot away from me. It took away my friends and family, my desire to live, my dreams and hopes for the future and even started to take away myself physically and mentally. It consumed me in any way imaginable. When I finally hit bottom I learned that I had two […]

Getting Back to Your Workouts


Getting back on track isn’t always the easiest thing when it comes to a workout regimen. I know for me, if I take so much as a week off it is hard to get back into the swing of things. If I take three days off jogging, it’s back to square one. If I don’t […]

You Can Learn A Lesson Or Two From Bethenny Frankel


If you’re a “Real Housewives” junkie, you’ve probably heard of Bethenny Frankel. Or perhaps you’ve read one of her four popular books, tried her workout DVD, drank one of her Skinnygirl cocktails, seen her place second on “The Apprentice” and “Skating With The Stars”, or even watched one of her own series on Bravo, “Bethenny […]

The Call To Greatness – Be All You Can Be Today!


Are some people born destined for greatness and others for mediocrity? Is great success and achievement determined by genetics and inborn talent? The simple answer is “no.” Greatness can be attained by everyone. We all have the potential to be great. Any woman (or man) can be great if  she makes up her mind to […]