Using Mantra To Awaken The Heart


When we have turned our attention inward to the Cave of the Heart, we can begin to taste the nectar of unconditional love.┬áIt may come as a subtle sensation at first, in fits and spurts, seeping through the gaps in the armoring of our Heart. As our awareness of this internal source deepens, the ego-mind […]

Not Just For Beginners: Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall Pose)

My Very Happy Students!

Reset your mind and renew your spirit with this restorative posture. We all need survival strategies to help us maneuver through life’s difficult days with some measure of sanity and grace. When the world threatens to overwhelm us, we need a way to hold ourselves together until the stormy weather passes or perhaps simply a […]

Last Years New Years; Message Moving Into Stillness – The Peace Within


This is not my New Years message for 2012 (still a work in progress), but rather a reiteration of my message from 2011. Sort of like reading a favorite book over and over again because it makes sense and always feels good to do so. Perhaps rereading reminds us of what we deeply desire, provides […]

My New Years Message, Stillness: The Peace Within


During my first Yoga Teacher Training course our teacher, Jonny Kest, presented us with a reading list; one that overwhelmed me beyond belief. I certainly had not read that many books, even during my six years of college. We were to read all of the books on the first list and select three additional books […]



When you look at people around, rarely do you see human beings in stillness. People are endlessly in motion and this endless motion seems to gain speed every year. We cannot be still. We are on the go, with no breaks. We all know how hard it was to still the body when we first […]