Frappuccino’s Colorful Ingredients Bug Some Vegetarians


Turns out the strawberry sauce used in strawberries-and-crème Frappuccinos contains cochineal extract, which is made from the bodies of ground-up insects indigenous to Latin America. When Starbucks changed its Frappuccino mix a couple years ago, it made sure the new ingredients were dairy free. But no one said anything about being bug free. Turns out the strawberry […]

Get The Star Treatment From Lena Piskorowski At Twelve Oaks Mall!

StyleWatch magazine Celebrity Stylist spring event

Exciting stuff happening here! People StyleWatch magazine is sponsoring a spring trend event in 6 markets and metro Detroit is one of them! And Lena Piskorowski the stylist in charge! Appointments are made in person at Twelve Oaks mall. It runs every weekend in the month of March. Check out Lena’s website, DRESS LP or […]

Is Our Culture Obsessed With Coffee And Its Social Aspects?


When you think about coffee, many things probably come to mind. Whether you love it or hate it, the fact is that coffee shops are on every corner, new coffee machines and products come out almost daily, and the saying “Let’s go out for coffee” is used by almost everyone. So what’s the deal? Why […]