Stalking Awareness


Over the past few days, we have seen several very troubling and downright scary news stories in the media.  First was the story of a female bank employee that was stalked by a male customer, Aundrey Wiley, which ended when he broke into her home and then awaited her arrival (with duct tape, zip ties, condoms, […]

Time To Mobilize And Take Action!


Making fun of violence is unacceptable and it is time that we let advertisers know that we are not going to accept their fun and games. Virgin Mobile’s current advertising campaign makes light of stalking and the use of technology to assist one in stalking. It is inappropriate and irresponsible. This is an opportunity for […]

Technology- Friend and/or Foe?


Irony — my word of the day. During the past few evenings I have been searching for safety devices for my mother who has dementia. Today I have been researching and preparing my notes for an interview with a reporter about how technology can be a significant safety risk to individuals in a violent relationship. […]