Power Up Your Life With Core Strength!


Power, stability and ease emanates from your core (your center) improving nearly every movement you make and most yoga poses you flow in and out from. Your core is both physically and emotionally your center of balance and strength. Plugging into your core abdominal muscles stimulates an attitude of inner strength and confidence and stokes […]

TADASANA – Mountain Pose For A Strong Foundation


Although often times Tadasana is viewed as a “simple” posture or not even a posture at all, it is the seat, the base, the foundation for all other standing poses. Also known as mountain pose, Tadasana is the standard anatomical position bringing the entire body into postural alignment. If you find the Tadasana within each […]

Vrkasana (Tree Pose) For Balance And Concentration in 2011


Yoga is considered one of the best forms of exercise to strengthen the body and quiet the mind. In today’s challenging world, who couldn’t benefit from a little more power and peace within?  Yoga strengthens the mind and the body by syncing breath and movement through various postures – known as asanas.  Everyone can enjoy […]