I had to. This title is my attempt to reuse one of Charlie Sheen’s Chuck Norris-isms; I may be stretching it here. What I want to write about now is how to create a winning look. Last weekend was the start of the People StyleWatch spring trend event; one down, three more weekends to go! […]



An old woman was once asked why she was always smiling. And she replied, “Well, I wear the world like a loose garment.” Anonymous As winter is slowly nearing its end, I dream of packing away the warm winter coat and wool sweaters that constrict my body (and lately my mind and soul). “It is […]

“Personal Trainers” Getting Pumped For Spring!


The snow is beginning to melt, that orange globe in the sky, formerly known as the sun, has begun to shine once again, and we are all tentatively reentering society like the Munchkins after the Wicked Witch of the East was killed by the house. It’s that yearly ritual known as spring. Along with spring […]

Let’s March Forward To Spring!


Here at ASK In Your Face we are ready to put away our winter coats and break out the flip flops, break free from the hibernation that winter brings and head out into the sunshine, and start thinking about bright colors and our environment! In March, we are introducing a new weekly column called “Greener […]

Ahhh Springtime!

Last time I wrote it was the dead of winter (only last week!…welcome to Michigan) and now the sun is shining, all the snow and ice is melting and the birds are chirping! Ahhh Springtime! It’s the time to feel good about yourself and everything around you. And time to start thinking about the gardens […]

Winter Always Turns To Spring


The season of renewal and rebirth is upon us. New beginnings, endless possibilities……enter the warmth and inspiration of spring with askinyourface.com

Sick of Winter? Bring it on – Spring Cleaning!


I’m am so over winter, it’s ridiculous. Are you?  My winter protest has ceremoniously begun.  Out with the boots and on with my sandals.  Even if I have to put socks on with my sandals while looking like a total nerd – I’m done.   I don’t care what happens from now until April, my […]