Can An Abuser Change?


Domestic violence is unpredictable. After an incident of abuse, some abusers may act remorseful and promise to “change” in an effort to maintain the relationship (read: secure more control). The question is: Can an abuser break this cycle and genuinely change? An abuser has the potential to change if he* first acknowledges that: What he […]

A Call to Action After Another Tragedy


On Friday, our community suffered another loss. Another woman killed, along with her two young children, at the hands of the man who one can only assume, claimed to have loved them. There is now much speculation as to what occurred within this family unit that ended so violently and it is unlikely that we […]

What Is Going On? Domestic Violence In Our Community


In the month of August 2010, in the United States, there were 275 newspaper headlines reporting a domestic violence homicide. In metro-Detroit there were 4 such headlines. When the first murder/suicide occurred in our area, my phone did not ring. HAVEN did not have any requests from the media for comments or information to help […]