Kundalini Yoga and Your Spiritual Toolbelt


Each and every one of us could use a tool belt to offer us a little support in our lives to help hold us up and sustain the lives we are meant to live. I call this support the spiritual tool belt that you can implement into your daily life to assist you in moving […]

3 Quick and Powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditations


“May we all understand, in the breath of life we can be Infinite and with our fearlessness and character, we can achieve all the riches of the earth to share them with mankind.” ~ Yogi Bhajan The New York Times recently ran an article about people’s increasing interest in meditation. Yoga studios around the country […]

Where There Is Love, There Is No Question


Enjoy a poem and a sutra on Love by Yogi Bhajan: Love gives you the power to merge,  From finite to infinity Love gives you the power to trust From nothing to everything Love gives you the powerful prayer Between you and your Creator Love gives you vastness As vast as there can be Love […]

Messages Of Love – Be A Voter Today!

Most of all...be grateful

Voting today has absolutely no connection to this article. On second thought, perhaps it has everything to do with the post you will be reading in a moment. That being said…this is good stuff no matter who you are; republican, democrat, independent,  religious, spiritual, cynic, yogi, meditator – or not!  As long as we are […]

“Keep Up And You Will Be Kept Up”


“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice,” Bob Marley said. Kundalini yoga works on this very principle. Whether it is the meditation itself or the commitment to the practice that pushes you, if you give yourself no choice but to keep up, you learn the depth of your […]

Kundalini Yoga To Help Get It Together


“Get it together!” is something we all tell ourselves every now and then. Sometimes life throws a lot at us, and it can become stressful to try to juggle everything we’ve been handed. The mind can become unfocussed, and our emotions can start to run wild. When you can’t seem to figure out how to […]

Beautiful Kundalini Mantras and Meditations for Healing


One of my co-workers just had surgery to repair damage to her leg caused by a car accident. While she is in the recovery process, she’s not going to be doing much activity. Yoga is certainly out of the question, and even many meditations may be too strenuous for her in the days following her […]

May 2012 Numerology Forecast


The month of May moves us into a time of bold and powerful change on planet Earth. From an emotional perspective people will be feeling, “Enough is enough!” Any place in our lives where we feel trapped, confined, or restricted will now have us taking steps and measures to break free. Whether it is a […]

Celebrate Your Strength: Release Your Mind’s Fears And Disabilities


There is nothing standing in the way of your dreams today. Your challenges are not barriers but simply twists and turns in your story. Your mind is your only limitation. As Buddha said, “The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation.” Release your mind’s fears and disabilities. Drop into the flow of intuition and […]

Celebrate Your Strength With Beautiful Inspiration: Debt-Forgiveness


You don’t need to be a lover of Kundalini yoga or any other style of yoga, a religious zealot or super spiritual seeker to appreciate the depth and beauty of  Ramdesh’s thought provoking inspirations. Ramdesh offers daily inspirations on Spirit Voyage.com to inspire and motivate those who are participating in the 40 Day Global Sadhana […]