Boost Your Walking Workout to Prevent Cancer


When the weather warms up and the sun is out longer, you just itch to get outside. Why not slather on some sunscreen and take a walk? Walking, after all, can be a great way to get the daily activity your body needs to fight off cancer. Walking also can help you maintain a healthy […]

May-ed For Fitness – Interval Training Walking! Not Your Ordinary Walk Around the Block


You say you only have 20-30 minutes for exercise? No problem. Let’s go! This short, yet powerful, interval style walking workout will provide plenty of cardiovascular, fat burning and bone building benefits! Focus on form, intensity and speed during each walking interval for optimal results. You will be feeling and looking fabulous in no time! […]

Get Walking – More Ways Than One To Walk Bonus: Walking Workout: Boot Camp Style


What happened to the good old fashioned walk around the block? Like most things these days, walking has changed! There are more ways to walk then ever before…. Walking: Boot Camp style walking, Race walking, Nordic walking, Power walking, Freestyle walking…what is all of this? Can’t I just walk- the- dog-kind-of -walk?  Absolutely !  You […]