Banana Bliss for Breakfast


I don’t know why – perhaps the recent chill in the air? – but lately I’ve had a hankering for pancakes. The hankering became downright want yesterday when I realized I still had baby bananas sitting in my fruit bowl. Hmmm…I could put those on top of pancakes, I thought. No, wait – better yet, […]

Cookies Do Too Grow On Trees!


Mesquite: it’s for more than just burning. And providing shade if you’re in the Arizona desert. Turns out that the pods the tree bears are edible (just as the wood is burnable), so if you let the pods dry out and grind them up, you have flour. A fragrant, fine flour that will make you […]

A Tried-And-True Grain Makes a Comeback: Sorghum & Spinach Toss With Chickpeas


Before King Corn and Queen Wheat took over the American agricultural throne, sorghum used to be a pretty big deal: we used to enjoy sorghum flour, whole sorghum grains, liquor distilled from sorghum, even sorghum syrup. Sorghum is still a big deal in African countries, where it’s a valuable food crop as well as the […]