My Love For Great Music (Bonus) Allison’s Wonderful World Playlist


Who doesn’t love great music ? ” Music has a powerful effect on our emotions. Parents know that a quiet, gentle lullaby can soothe a fussy baby. And a majestic chorus can make us swell with excitement.” ~Diane Bales, Ph.D.  For me, the right music choice can add a magical energy to the entire experience […]

Listening to Music During Exercise May Increase Fat Loss!


When we think of a “fat burner,” typically what comes to mind is something we ingest, like a pill or powder. However, science has shown us that a whole other realm of fat fighters exists that don’t come in a bottle. Among the most potent of these unconventional diet supplements, according to recent research, is music. The fact that […]

A Storyboard Inspired By Music


Many things contributed to me wanting to write about this topic: hearing my favorite song from junior high on the radio, tonight’s debut of The Voice, being introduced to a new band from a friend who’s really into music and so on. If you have roommates, think about how much fun it is to put […]