Life as a Conscious Practice


˜Everything is practice. ~Pele When we learn a martial art, or ballet, or gymnastics, or soccer  we consciously practice movements in a deliberate way, repeatedly. By conscious, repeated practice, we become good at those movements. Our entire lives are like this, but we are often less conscious of the practice. Each day, we repeat movements, […]

Get Smarter Every Day!


We all want to be brighter bulbs in the chandelier. But rather than cursing your mom for those martinis she downed while you were cooking in the womb, check out these five ways to improve your brainpower. They’re simple, they’re fun, and one of them even involves spending QT with your TV. Read Between the […]

Social Networking: Hurting Our Social Lives?


Texting, twittering and emailing are all forms of digital communication meant to keep us in constant contact in the quickest and most efficient manner. With it, we are able to tell our friends and family when we can go to dinner and which restaurant we should eat at; and our coworkers why we’re running late […]