Go Coconut! 12 Ways To Eat Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil Is A MUST!)


Organic Coconut Oil is a must for a multitude of reasons. I don’t go a single day without using or eating this natural powerhouse. Read: Coconut Oil Continues To Be THE Healthy Choice, written by our Natural Nutrition Advisor, Linda Wolschlager. Enjoy your day!  Always love & healthy choices, Allison Coconut oil is a versatile foodstuff and […]

An Antidote for Rainy, Cold Spring Days – Be Your Own Barista: Cafe Mocha, Pumpkin Laced Hot Chocolate


Ever since I went to Spain last year, I’ve started to enjoy the occasional cup of coffee. Turns out the reason I didn’t like coffee before going to Spain was that I had only had bitter, instant-style American coffee. Freshly roasted and ground beans taste entirely different — mellow, almost sweet, and needing only a […]

Recipes of the Week: Fabulous Tastes of Fall


Fall in Love Smoothie “The chill in the fall air means it’s time to focus,” says Jennifer Kass. “Harvest your crops (aka dreams, goals, intentions, plans) right now with clarity-boosting superfoods—all whipped into a delicious mason jar.” We’re not going to lie: this smoothie is as comforting as a freshly baked pie—only without firing up […]

The Craeme de la Creame in a Nutty Kind of Way


With its focus on nuts and fresh fruit (and coconuts and fresh herbs), I’ve long been a fan of raw food. Every raw dish I’ve ever had has been delicious and innovative. Vegan dishes are tasty, too, but unfortunately vegans seem to rely overmuch on soy and wheat products. I’m not a big fan of […]

Spicing Up Your Summer With Watermelon Drinks


I’d be willing to bet that most people would say that summer = watermelon and watermelon = summer. You can’t have one without the other. Just ask my watermelon-loving friend. Her superpower is eating an entire watermelon in one sitting … although then she groans about having “watermelon belly.” Good thing watermelons aren’t in season […]

Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie


In the tradition of memorable beverages like the Harvey Wallbanger and the Arnold Palmer, I’m going to name my most recent smoothie/cocktail creation after my friend Jill. Why? Because she’s nuts about watermelons – she’s capable of consuming an entire melon in one sitting. (I wish I could do the same with my beloved pineapples, […]