ASPCA Raids AR Puppy Mill, Rescues 175 Small Dogs


A message from Animal Joy: Please, people, if you must get (buy) a specific breed from a breeder rather than do a rescue, just make sure you go to the breeder’s home and/or you see the mom of the pup. If you are told to meet them somewhere they are probably not a true and […]

Please Help End Gas Chamber Euthanasia In Animals


Gas chamber euthanasia is a thing of the past, at least in 18 states. Unfortunately, Michigan is not among those states that have moved away from this cruel and inhumane way for unwanted animals to die in shelters. There are currently eight animal shelters in Michigan that still use this outdated method of gassing with […]

Michiganders For Shelter Pets


Michiganders for Shelters Pets was created to help bring together Michigan voters, animal shelters, animal protection organizations, businesses and professionals in a coordinated effort to advance the welfare of Michigan shelter pets. This is not a lobbying organization; instead, it is a coalition to bring Michiganders together for a common purpose. Michiganders for Shelters Pets […]