Start Your Winter Detox Now With Early Spring Cleaning – Mind, Body & Home


It’s mid-January and my boots have officially been shelved and flip flops are the only thing you’ll be seeing me wearing. If  ”Fit Flops” worn with socks aren’t your thing then I have several suggestions to help lighten your load. (Colorful stripes and bright patterned socks are the look for spring. Check out these fun new […]

Looking Ahead With Lauren: Natural Ways to Heal Yourself


I don’t know about you, but at the first sign of a cold I tend to take loads of cold medicine and cough drops and power through my day. But is that really the best for your body? Sure, it helps you feel better (sometimes) but what if you let your body heal itself first and […]

Rebirth and Renewal


“May we learn that what really counts the most is not the years but the days, not the machines we have in our lives, but the people we have in our lives, Not how much we can accumulate, but how we can share and with whom.” -Rabbi Jacob Pressman One of my friends is on […]

Celebrate Your Strength! Whispers from Within: Your Body Is Talking But Are You Listening?


 “Your body loves you unconditionally, but the real issue in this relationship is not whether your body loves you, but whether you love your body?” With the explosive popularity of social media, you likely have a LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter account and are hopelessly addicted to the omnipresent news feeds delivering up-to-the-minute updates on your friends. […]

It’s That Time Of Year – Never Get That Nasty Cold Again!


Women may have stronger immune systems than men do, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, but we still get hit with an average of three colds a year. Defy those odds by building up your natural defenses. Pop a Probiotic The buzz around gut-friendly probiotics just got a little louder. Not only […]

“What’s For Fitness Today?” Tip #13 – Find True Joy In Your Life


April 13, 2011 Tip #13 I hope my tips inspire you to love yourself and others, to wake up with a smile and a skip in your step and to live everyday with an abundance of peace, joy and ease. Happiness and joy are the most admired and coveted emotions. Today we are going to […]

7 Ways To Live In The Moment


Discover peace of mind by focusing on the here and now. It’s easier than you think! For millennia, sages from the Buddha to Yogi Berra have been advising us to tame our wandering minds and focus our attention on the present. The reason is obvious: The past is history, the future nothing but a dream. […]

Thinking You’re Fat Makes You Fat


If you feel bad about your diet, now you can feel bad about feeling bad…which should make you feel good. Right? A study shows that how kind your are to yourself significantly affects health and weight loss. Why diets fail (as if you don’t already know) Chances are if you’ve been on a diet and […]



An old woman was once asked why she was always smiling. And she replied, “Well, I wear the world like a loose garment.” Anonymous As winter is slowly nearing its end, I dream of packing away the warm winter coat and wool sweaters that constrict my body (and lately my mind and soul). “It is […]

Loving Yourself: How Important Is It? Can You Love Someone Else If You Don’t Love Yourself?

hug yourself 2

This post is a response to The Real Deal on Finding Love by Ilana Donna Arazie. In her recent blog post (linked above), Ilana Donna Arazie repeated the following folk wisdom: “No one is ever going to love you more than you love yourself. In other words, until you’re 100 percent into YOU, no one […]