When Workouts Don’t Fit In Your Schedule (Or So You Think)


I’ve mentioned before that my flexible work schedule allows me to exercise at different times. Unfortunately, lately my flexible work schedule has hindered the amount of time I spend working out. As in, I haven’t been moving as much as I was. If you ask me what a typical day for me is like, I […]

Looking Ahead With Lauren: Beating The Dreaded “Unmotivation”


Oh motivation, how easy you are to lose. That’s what I’ve been thinking about this past weekend. After enjoying some time off in Florida, the motivation to work out that I had finally obtained is quickly leaving once again. I had my workout clothes and running shoes in my bags, packed and ready to go, […]

Making Time for Nothing


“So,” I said to Michelle during our first session together, “if you were living your ideal life, what would you do today?” It’s a standard opening I use with almost every client, and Michelle gave me the standard response. “Nothing.” “Really?” I asked. “Nothing at all?” “That’s right,” Michelle said, nodding wearily but emphatically. “Fantastic!” […]

How Do I Get Him to Stop Watching that Damn TV?


A reader, Michelle, wrote us the other day seeking our advice: I am working on creating a minimalist lifestyle for my family, but I have hit a roadblock and hope you can help, especially from the male perspective. In our house we watch TV, always have. I despise the TV because my husband spends so […]

“What’s For Fitness Today?” Tip #24 – Have Your Perfect Day!


April 24, 2011 Tip #24 Stop and think about it: what would your perfect day include? Today we give you permission to have your perfect day! If you have other obligations today, schedule this for a day on the weekend or a day that you’re totally free. Now grab a pen and paper and start […]