Emergency Help Needed to Restore Water to the SASHA Cows!


As many of you know, Sasha Farm is a great love of Animal Joy’s and they are in trouble. They desperately need your help; any amount of monetary donation is greatly appreciated. Please read on….thank you. Last week, we received some terrible news. The well at the SASHA property where many of our cows live […]

Attend Make a Difference Day To Support “Brownie’s Choice”


This Saturday, October 22, will be a big day at the corner of Walnut Lake Road and Inkster Road in West Bloomfield. Specifically, Market Square, which sits on the Southwest corner of that location is participating in Make A Difference Day, www.makeadifferenceday.com, our nation’s greatest day of caring. This day is meant to bring attention, […]

Meet Gracie


Gracie, a breed of cow morbidly referred to as “Beefmaster,” arrived at SASHA Farm last week all the way from Alabama, where she was saved from a lifetime of producing babies destined for slaughter. A few weeks ago, Gracie gave birth to a calf and in the process, her uterus prolapsed. This means that her […]

Simon’s New Home


In a rural county just under a week ago a small stray dog was picked up by the police. The animal shelter in that county was closed (?) at the time this little fellow was found, cold and scared. Through the kindness of people anxiously wanting to help and word of mouth he ended up […]

Animal Joy On The Prowl!


What’s Animal Joy focused on these days? Aside from the usual, I mean. As my work with Sasha Farm has become a springboard to many animal concerns and causes, I have found myself asking what more can I do for animals and their welfare? After the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing […]