Super Snacks for Super Bowl and Sundays


Super-Savory Snacking Call it a snack or a condiment; enjoy it by the spoonful or use it as a topping on everything from chicken to soup. This herb-spiced, lemony olive-and-walnut sauté is simple to make, yet is remarkably savory. I like to use Aleppo pepper when I make this, but you can swap out Aleppo […]

Boost Your Brain Power While At Work And Beat The Stress


Multitasking has become a way of life – and work – for many of us. Most of us consider it an acquired skill. We check mails while on a conference call. Talk on the cell phone while driving. Doing two or three things at once is almost second-nature now. But multitasking is not the most […]

A Mediterranean Take on Baked Cheese


Ever since I had baked Feta at a lovely out-of-the-way restaurant in Panamá, I’ve been wanting to make it myself.  The idea is just so simple!  I’d had baked Camembert plenty of times in Germany – when I lived there, baked Camembert with rote Grütze was one of my favorite dishes, right up there with […]