My Book Shelf From 2012


A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy. ~Edward P. Morgan I became somewhat […]

Dating Advice: How To Get Over Him (With A Little Help From Your Friends)


Recently, I met a guy who I thought was great. We were introduced by a mutual friend. He was handsome, gave me money for the jukebox and he made me laugh. We hit it off and hung out a few times. There was chemistry. We had an official date scheduled, and THEN … he had […]

Fantastic August Movies To Go See!


The Help Based on one of the most talked about books in years and a #1 New York Times best-selling phenomenon, ‘The Help‘ stars Emma Stone (‘Easy A‘) as Skeeter, Academy Award-nominated Viola Davis (‘Doubt‘) as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minny–three very different, extraordinary women in Mississippi during the 1960s, who build an unlikely […]

Books To Bury Yourself In At The Beach


The beach book has undergone a makeover for 2011. As the season’s traditional big names and story lines run out of gas, new variations on old formulas have emerged. Want a story of power, greed and conspicuous consumption? Forget Hollywood; think hedge fund. Want a killer mystery? Forget that corpse in the opening chapter; think […]

10 Ways To Create A Strong, Intimate Relationship


“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” -Sam Keen Before I married my wonderful husband, I dated a lot of men. For most of my 20s (and even my early 30s) I had a perfect fairy-ideal of what romantic love was, probably because […]

“The Love of My Youth” Book Review


In Richard Linklater’s 1995 movie Before Sunrise, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke play a young Frenchwoman and an American who meet on a train from Budapest and spend a romantic night walking and talking all over Vienna before he catches his morning flight back to the States. I thought of this movie–and its sequel, Before […]

Love Conquers All in St. Lucia


Yesterday was a most amazing day. My husband, Mark, and I are in St. Lucia for a much needed vacation of rest, romance and relaxation. After three days of the above it was time for some activity. We went zip lining. Neither of us had ever done this before. My husband took to it immediately! […]

Sexcapades: Do’s And Dont’s of Valentines Day


Well, it’s that time of year again. I wrote my first column just one year ago, as we were getting ready to head out into a break that began with Valentine’s Day. This year is a little different, since we’ll all still be at school for the “holiday.” Maybe it’s because I usually find myself […]

Resurrecting Your Romance

Mature couple holding hands on bed

Around the world people ask what is love? Psychologists have concluded that the need to feel loved is one of the most basic human emotional needs. From early infancy, children learn that when they cry and are held or hungry and are fed, they develop the sense that he or she belongs and is wanted. […]