Bones For Life


(This article was originally published in May, 2010.) I consider myself very lucky. A few days ago while running with Louie, my adorable little Boston Terrier, I took a nasty and what could have been a devastating fall on the pavement. Somehow, Louie got tangled between my feet and with tremendous momentum I was suddenly […]

American College of Sports Updated Medicine Physical Activity Guidelines


As of July 2011, ACSM has released new recommendations on the quantity and quality of exercise. Changes are listed below but a notable addition is neuromotor exercise (sometimes called functional fitness training) which focuses on improving and maintaining motor skills like balance, coordination, gait, and agility. According to ACSM, neuromotorexercise can be especially beneficial for […]

Sarcopenia: The New Osteoporosis


Sure, you’ve heard about osteoporosis, but do you know about sarcopenia? Just as bone loses density as you age, your muscles also lose mass, which compromises their strength, power and ability to function. The loss kicks in earlier than you may expect: Starting in your 30s, you can lose about 6 pounds of muscle per […]