Colon Screening: Colonoscopy vs Virtual Colonoscopy & Ensure Success With Colonoscopy Prep


If you’re age 50 or older, you should get screened for colorectal cancer. But, which exam should you get? When it comes to colorectal cancer screening exams, you’ve got choices. Many people opt for a colonoscopy. But, virtual colonoscopy also is an approved option. And, to most people, it sounds much less invasive. So, which […]

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 14 – 20-Minute Evening Sequence


Today’s yoga practice of the 21 Day Yoga Challenge is a great 20 minute evening sequence. Before you head to bed, take only 20 minutes to unwind and relax with some great yoga poses. You will feel calm and ready for bed after you try this sequence. Now tell us, when is your favorite time […]

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 13 – 20 Minute Tension Release


Today’s yoga practice is only 20 minutes for your 21 Day Yoga Challenge. It is all about releasing tension in your neck and shoulders – where most people hold all of their stress. This is a gentle seated practice that teaches you shoulder openers. You should feel very relaxed and have less tension where you […]