How We Incorporate Yoga and Meditation in Eating Disorder Recovery


In conjunction with traditional psychotherapy and medical nutrition therapy, here is how yoga and meditation is intertwined in your healing process: The Eight Limbs of Yoga or Eight Fold Path The first book to systematize the practice of yoga was the classic treatise the Yoga Sutras (or Aphorisms) of Patanjali dating from 200 B.C. The […]

Reconnect With Recovery This Saturday!


Reconnect with Recovery – Saturday, June 18th 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm To continue your journey of growth and balance, we cordially invite you to our NEW program. -Group support -Share your successes and insight into what motivates your recovery -Reconnect with Yoga-based healing -Connect with past and present program clients Reconnect with recovery is […]

Anti-Spyware Or Avoiding Those Websites Altogether?


If you own a computer, you more than likely have an anti-spyware or anti-malware program to combat intruders that like to invade and disrupt your hard drive. But if you avoided going to those precarious websites to begin with, you may not need to be constantly troubleshooting those malicious intruders. Our partial hospitalization and intensive […]

Unmask Your Inner Self With An Art Therapy Program On Friday, March 25, 2011


Our outer world persona reveals little of the treasures that lie within us all. The ancient art of mask making promises to start you on a quest of self discovery. Join us in this journey to unmask your true identity and reveal aspects of yourself that lay hidden to the outer world. By participating in this […]