Thirteen Ways To Prevent Cancer


The purpose of this article is to outline 13 ways that you can decrease your risk of developing any type of cancer. The following 13 ways to prevent cancer are presented in no particular order: 1. If you are going to be sexually active, be in a mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who is […]

Dos and Don’ts for a Healthy Brain


Follow these tips to help keep your brain and your body vibrant and healthy throughout your life… Do: Exercise your body regularly and get involved in physically active leisure pursuits Keep your mind exercised! Engage in active learning throughout life and pursue new experiences Stay socially engaged with friends, family and community groups Maintain a […]

Cancer Myth Busters


There’s a lot of misleading information out there, thanks to repeated rumors, studies that get disproven and false advertising claims. Below, we set the record straight on common myths about cancer prevention and risk factors. 1. Myth: Dark-skinned people don’t get skin cancer. Reality: Darker-skinned people – including blacks, Asians and Hispanics – can and do get […]

You CAN Do It! Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever!


Perhaps you’ve been smoking for as long as you can remember and have tried everything under the sun to quit. Take a vow TODAY to get rid of your cigarettes and nagging habit once and for all. Web MD has compiled a list of 13 of the best tips on quitting smoking for good. If […]

5 Steps to Create a New Habit


When I decided to quit smoking, I was 27 years old, my two oldest daughters were seven and five, and the twins were three. I didn’t want to be a bad example, I hid my smoking from them. I smoked when they were sleeping or when they were with the babysitter. As my addiction grew […]

What’s For Fitness? Tip #27 A Cheat Sheet For Your Healthy Future!


When it comes to your health, it’s a jungle out there. If you are over 55, the predators include chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Even with modern medicine behind you, they can disable and kill you before your time — unless you take evasive action. Sadly, this is not news. […]