Mixing Yoga Styles


I live in a community where it is only possible for me to take the same type of yoga class once a week. Should I continue to participate in various types of yoga classes or restrict myself to one type of yoga once a week? John Friend’s reply: There are pros and cons to taking […]

The Agony Of Back Pain


I have been waking up every day for months with terrible back pain. The pain subsides some as the day progresses, but, never really goes away. I have been popping ibuprofen like gum drops for the pain. I had x rays and an MRI. There is nothing seriously wrong with my back. The doctor says […]

I Can’t Seem To Get That Flat Mid-Section! Help!


Your question: I workout 5/6 days a week! And my doctor gave me a clean bill of health. My workouts include power walking, lifting weights 3 times a week, and yoga or Pilates twice a week. I do tons of abdominal work. I still can’t see the evidence of my strong core. How much core […]