For The 21+ Crowd; Pomegranate-Rum Snow Cone


Okay, I’ll admit this right up front: this is probably going to be the Most Frivolous Post of 2011. Then again, it’s a darned clever way to pair a free, natural resource with a rather exotic condiment. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about snow and pomegranate molasses. Considering that pomegranate molasses hails from the […]

Yum! DIY Winter Cereal – Pomegranate, Almond & Brown Rice Cereal


If I could wave a magic culinary wand and make one aisle in the grocery store disappear, I’d probably make the cereal aisle vanish. Even when you find a cereal that truly is whole-grain, unsweetened, and tastes as good as it is healthy, you’re going to be paying a lot more for store-bought cereal than […]



A delicious fruit historically associated with love and sensuality? Sounds like a perfect package to me! In fact, pomegranates appear to be good for more than your sex life. Research over the past decade suggests that pomegranate juice contains 2-3 times the antioxidant load of red wine or green tea, elevating the pomegranate to superhero […]